Electronics - Control Assembly - USA L-2000, L-2500, ASAT Bass


Complete pre-wired bass control assembly as used on USA L-2000, L-2500, and ASAT Bass models. Includes all pots, mini-toggle switches, preamp circuit board with chip, and mounting nuts. Simply install and solder the leads to the pickups and output jack. Will fit early control-plate L-2000 basses with additional mounting hardware included.

Available in right-handed and left-handed version.

Will not fit Tribute Series models without enlarging the mounting holes for the pots and using knurled knobs for solid-shaft pots available elsewhere in this store. Enlarging the holes for the pots may be done by a highly experienced technician using a reamer tool, as there is risk of damaging the body finish. The Tribute Series control assembly is available elsewhere in this store.