Pickguard for Made-in-Fullerton (USA) instruments - manufactured early 2016 and later


For USA G&L instruments manufactured in early 2016 and later.

Important! Before ordering, please read the following information.

Replacement pickguard in choice of following materials, grouped according to price:

1-ply White 0.060" thick (similar to '50s thin pickguards)
1-ply White 0.090" thick
1-ply Black 0.090" thick
3-ply Black 0.090" thick
3-ply White 0.090" thick

3-ply Creme 0.090" thick
3-ply Mint 0.090" thick
3-ply Parchment 0.090" thick
4-ply Pearl

4-ply Tortoise

After ordering, you must reply to order confirmation email and supply the following information:

1) Serial number of G&L Made-in-Fullerton instrument

2) Pickguard material chosen

3) Modifications if desired (see below)

For Legacy, S-500, Comanche models, you may specify pickup configuration requested if different than originally fitted  (SSH, HH) and whether you would like a hole for a mini-toggle switch drilled.

For ASAT Classic models, specify pickup configurations requested if different than originally fitted, (MFD neck, Alnico neck etc.)

Modifications are limited to those currently found on existing models or as current options.

Please expect about 5-7 business days before your pickguard will be shipped, as it will be manufactured following receipt of your order.

NOTE 1: If you change the pickguard or pickup configuration, we can not update your specifications sheet to reflect changes you have made to your instrument. 

NOTE 2:  If the factory determines you order can not be filled at this time, your order will refunded.