Vibrato Arm - G&L Dual Fulcrum (early)


Used on all US G&L Dual Fulcrum Vibratos from the late 1980s through approximately 2005. This arm is characterized by its raw machined satin finish with no chrome plating. Available in Right and Left hand versions.

Diameter: approximately 0.25" or 6.35mm

If you have an early- to mid-1980s G&L model such as SC-3 or F-100 which uses a screw-in vibrato arm, our recommendation is to use a vibrato arm for a USA Fender Stratocaster equipped with the vintage style vibrato. Screw-in Fender Stratocaster vibrato arms are available from many retailers such as Stewart-MacDonald or Allparts. Note that the early G&L vibratos using screw-in arms had black plastic tips. Often retailers will sell replacement arms with white tips but will sell different color arm tips separately.

This arm will NOT fit current USA or Tribute Series models. Please see the current style vibrato arm listed elsewhere in the G&L Online Store.