Bridge Saddle Set - G&L Saddle Lock guitar


Set of (6) chrome plated brass saddles for G&L Saddle-Lock guitar bridge complete with height adjustment screws, intonation screws and springs. Fits current USA and all Tribute Series models. These saddles are an upgrade for Tribute Series saddles which are chrome plated zinc die-cast, as they used to be for USA Saddle Lock bridges. Select part number 080535-100.

For Tribute Series models with Saddle Lock bridge, you may re-use your intonation screws/springs and saddle height adjustment screws to save money.  Select part number 080535-500.


Due to at least three changes to the bridge plate casting in three decades, it is possible that these saddles may not fit the within the space original bridge plate on your guitar. This current bridge plate has 2.64" (66.9mm) width for the saddles. The current set of (6) saddles has a combined width of about 2.60" (66.0mm). Before ordering, measure the interior width of your bridge plate to be sure the current saddles will fit in that space.

Many earlier bridge plates from the 1980 through mid 2000s have around 2.58" (65.5mm) width, usually less space when black powdercoating ("wrinkle finish") was added. For example, an early '80s wrinkle finish bridge plate measured 2.56" (65.0mm). The current saddles will not fit these early Saddle Lock bridges. You may order a complete Saddle Lock bridge instead.