Pot - solid shaft - USA models


Fits all US models which have knurled metal knobs, except M-series.

For 250KA only, you may choose short-bushing version for mounting through a control plate or pickguard. All others are available with long bushing only for control plate, pickguard, or body mount. Additional washers are included to reduce installed bushing height for control plate or pickguard mount. Simply install additional washers to bushing prior to inserting pot through control plate or pickguard.


250KA - 250K Audio Taper

500KA - 500K Audio Taper

NOTE: 1MegC - 1 Meg Reverse Audio Taper is no longer available with solid shaft.  Please use split-shaft version instead.  A brass sleeve will be included to mount a knurled knob which uses a set screw.